Friday, July 31, 2009

Tau and side project pics.

Alright the stuff you folks have been waiting for pics of my Tau accompanied by notes and thoughts.I'll start off with the test kroot.

Here is the more or less completed test kroot. Hes a little darker then what my plan was but I like the over all direction and color scheme. The gray shoulder pad is to tie him to my army. I might do some "war paint" on him but I am not 100% certain i want to take that root.

The stealth suits are done aside from touch ups and gluing the guns on. I figured I needed something that looked at least somewhat out of the color scheme just so my army dosnt look like just a tide of hawk turquoise . Its simple coloring but I think it looks good.

The Battle suit is assembled aside from the "ear" bits , the pose is a bit generic but as I am not yet comfortable enough to do some heavy modifications on something I acctually intend to play it will have to do. The drones are finished ...pfft like any one cares about drones....

And now for some stuff none Tau related!

Yup the side project the basic part of him is finshed I need to do some highlighting touch ups and all the free hand stuff I have in mind ( god help me) I am digging the way he looks though the left arm ( facing arm) was a bit of a pain though as I had to trim the shoulder a bit in order to get it to set properly. If i didnt his arm would be pointing a bit to the left....which looked goofy.

Also A pic of my IG comander and commisars. Im planning to pick back up on thies guys shortly, the commisar on the end just needs the sword on the sword arm painted before i glue it on. I am also working ( after a recent green washing) on Usarkar Creed he was almost finished but the coloring and look to the face and hair bothered me to no end. As for the state of the IG in general I need to base all my basic infantry ( ugh) build and paint a standard leman russ and a demolisher ( double ugh) and 6 heavy weapons teams ( Face palm).

Well thats the update for now. Now for a little bit of a treat for myself , If you folks read one of my previous post you know I have some necrons sitting around, well one of them is a necrons lord and seeing as i'm on unpaid leave for about two weeks or so ( I work at a school cafeteria and the normal confrenses we have over the summer of them most have dropped out due to the economy....) I figured I would try out a basic paint scheme idea I had for them....Snot green with scorpion green highlighting. We will see how it goes once I get around to it. Till then, cheers.


  1. Those dark blues look really nice.

    The I.G. dudes are especially sweet.

  2. My oh my, that's quite a lot of pictures there. Flekkzo is pleased:)

    I like the Kroots but they need a "pop" color. Something to offset the whole thing a bit. Some red, yellow, or green or something. Not a lot mind you, just something small. Maybe something in their "hair" or eye color or something. Maybe it's the eyes that I want to see. Hmm. I wonder if my "advice" is helpful or making things worse:)

    Ah, the good old blue + gold. Painted a few of those:) For what you might ask? For my Cygnar army ofcourse:) I should take some pictures of those guys in the future. I got the tip of using tin bitz as a base color and carefully drybrush the gold on top of that. It's a nice dark gold effect.

    I like the Blood Angel and the pointy finger looks spot on. I'm curious if that competition is ever happening or not. I've bought some "supplies" myself for that eventuality :) Keep postin' those pictures and well done!

  3. Lord Captain- Thank you for you kind words.

    Flekkzo- Yeah I need to figure out something...what that is exactly I have no idea. Im not a fan of painting eyes as they can turn an other wise great paint job into a horror.

    As for the blood angel even if the competion never happens I am gaining some insight on parts adjusting and parts swapping and possibly some practice with free hand work we will have to see.

  4. I just wanted to chime in and say that Flekkzo has nailed it dead on - the eyes. The eyes are very important. You are right that bad eyes ruin your model, but good contrasting eyes that stand out will honestly and truly make your guys shine. I used to be really terrible with eyes, but not my marines without helmets are some of my best paint jobs ever...I give them white eyes and colored dots. Sometimes you have to start over, because the dots come out wrong and the guy looks cross-eyed. But you will figure it out eventually. And for helmeted or alien dudes (like kroot), I'll bet that in no time you will be dabbing just the right amount onto their beady little eyes and making them look great.

    Seriously, it the eyes are critical.

  5. Its something I will have to attempt eventually. Ironicly I have some space marines that I did paint the eyes on, of course the key thing is that space marine helmet eyes are much larger and easier to paint in comparison to....well damn near anything else. I am sure I will go back and do that detail in the future but as of right now I dont think I have the skill to do it properly without Fing it up.

    Regardless thanks for the advice and insight you two.