Sunday, June 28, 2009

...And here they are

Well I said i Would produce some of my work and here we are! my commisar yarrik for my IG and my incomplete Tau fire warrior test model. Looking at the two models i came to the conclusion that i can paint in two diffrent fashions, the more realistic way ( the FW) or "artistic" (yarrik). What do i consider the diffrence between the two? Well the fire warrior has substantialy more washes used on him, specficly on the cloth areas , I think this makes him look a bit drab and dirty looking like hes been fighting for several days in rain and mud (and with engagments in the GW universe lasting several years who honestly has time to do laundry?)
Any way as can be seen i still need to base him and finish his back back I like his overall look.

Yarrik is my pride an joy of painting ability , he was the first character model I got and painted since returning to WH40k and I am very pleased with how he turned out . This is my more artistic painting style, clean crisp colors ( thought i need to pick up some chainmail and brightin up the claw a bit) that really stand out , I guess if I was to enter a painting tournment I would enter him and see how far he would go since that style of painting seems to have a broader appeal.

So which do I like better?

I would have to say the Tau Fire warrior for three reasons.
1) He has a more realistic look and follows the fluff i created for my tau army( which i might post if i feel so inclined to do so)
2) The model itself is just cool looking , not that yarriks isnt bad ass but as a matter of prefrence I gotta go with the tau
3) Hawk turqois , honestly if it wouldnt have looked so lame on IG I would have painted them that instead I like the color alot .

So if anyone is acctualy having a look see at this blog please let me know what you think.


I Had a camera all this time and didnt even know it...

So apparently my family and I had a digital camera for about 2 years , my sister needed it for school but left it behind when she moved in with her boyfriend, so lucky me! expect pictures soon once i can figure out how the whole thing works, then it will be time for me to put up or shut up.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Post- A little about me and the aim of this Blog

Hello there Chernobyl reporting.

Well as this is my first blog ever you will have to excuse the lack of content and for thought.
A little introduction I am 26 and a cook living in southern California. As you can more then likely tell I am a warhammer 40k player. I recently picked it back up again after a loooooong hiatus ( back when i think third just came out, it was when Dark Eldar was released in a box set with SMs cant recall exactly ) I am currently working on my Imperial Guard army and fiddling around with the begginings of my secondary Tau army. (Hence the blog title)

The purpose of this blog: Pure self gratification and to have a record on how I ( and perhaps my bud if he feels so inclined to join in on this) progress in both gaming, painting and other such goodness. Honestly I wish I still had my old space marines so I could do a comparison of how far my painting has come along (Dip in paint one dip in paint two good to go!). I will also offer my input on any of those things as well. Once I get a decent camera I will have to post some pictures of some of my work aswell as post a discussion on either painting models in a artistic sense or realistic one.

Thats all for now.