Monday, August 3, 2009

Tau! IG ! and Necrons!?....oh my!

Well As you folks recall I said I was going to paint a Necron lord....Snot green with scorpion green highlighting.....yeah didnt work out for me so well HOWEVER I came up with something , I think, turned out very well and proves that I seem to have a thing for turquoise...

Despite the fact that I dont currently have any intentions to play Necrons...I have to say that this is possibly second only to my Commisar Yarrik on how proud I am how it looks and turned out. On top of that I finished the thing in a little under two hours ( no including primering and the intial green application) This might be due to the fact that a single metalic color paint on a Necron will make it look cool as crap no mater what you do. While its not technicly 100% finished ( im debating if I want to add the green plastic bit or not and the back cape needs a quick badab black wash) its about as close to perfect as im going to get with this guy.

1 comment:

  1. Nice!

    And while you are washing, you should give that weapon a good wash of purple or blue. I'd go for purple, but I am a purple junkie :P