Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pic Day: IG Creed and Marbo

Alright after all My sappyness last post I figured I better get back to what folks want to see on this blog. In the pics you will see the result of one of the tips I gave , the foundation and wash method for skin one, Which I think looks fairly good.

The big man himself. Ursarkar Creed . The model was so much fun to paint and fairly easy considering my somewhat restrictive color scheme, aside from a few minor touch ups he is done.

I have never tried the method on more then the face and hands before considering my army is Cadian IG so I was a bit cautious when doing Marbo. I am pleased to say that he turned out great and despite being a Catachan based model will fit in well enough with my Cadians. the tassel on the blade was done using a fortress grey base with a few thraka green washes applied to it.

And because I havnt posted anything Tau related in a whilte. My crisis suit based and looking snazzy. I havnt put the ear bits on yet since ive been busy with other stuff but I should have him and the rest of my Tau based and completed here in a few days look forward to more pics in the near future.

Well I hope you enjoy the pics I welcome any feed back. Have a good one.


  1. I know we've talked about this before, but adding color to those eyes would really make a huge difference. Doesn't have to be golden deamon level stuff to make a huge difference.

    Don't be afraid to try. I know I have tried to shy away from painting certain models and use certain techniques for fear of failing. But seriously, if you don't even try, haven't you failed even worse then?

    I still like the white section on the left leg of the Tau. I like how it breaks with the rest of the model without being too much at all. Plus turquoise and white goes well together:)

  2. ( note this response is purely an explination and was not written in anger or annoyance.Your a cool guy Flex I wouldnt be a jerk to ya. but reading what I wrote I thought I might have come across as being so)

    It is something I will attempt to try slowly. more then likely practice on my standard cadians before taking a crack it it on my more note worthy figures. Another thing that I noticed is that my digital camera tends to pick up things that I cant see with the naked eye, honestly if you where to pick thies guys up and just look at them dead on the lack of painted eyes is hardly noticeable. REGARDLESS as I stated it is something I am going to have to work and practice on.

    Currently my priority is to get an army finished , being incredibly fickle and demanding on my painting as I am this is more difficulty for me then you might think. Having said that considering my buddy hasnt made any real progress on his Space Marines due to family and busy work I suppose I could slow down quite a bit. I think that once I have all my IG painted and based and for the most part play ready I can go back and do some eye painting.

    Yeah heh I dig that one the battle suit as well, its a fairly typical thing for Tau. I suppose since its a large scale model it would need something to break up the primary color.