Friday, August 21, 2009

Finished Tau and IG WiP

Hey there folks. As the title of the post suggests I finished my Tau battle force for the most part.( still need to snag some green stuff and some magnets but the painting portion is completed) which means ill be turning back to my IG here once I muster up the resolve to do so. Any way here are some pics!

Up first of course are my Fire warriors taking a cue from Flekkzo I added a bit of red and some codex gray to break up the turquoise a bit and am pleased with the outcome.

Next up are the stealth suits at this point I'm finding myself surprised by how mechrite red seems to work well with damn near anything. They where painted using fortress gray to break them up a bit from the rest of the Tau.

( quick note I havn't glued the legs down on this guy yet so if he seems a little off center thats why) Finally the battle suit. Again I decided to throw on some more codex grey to break him up a bit and a spot of red on the back. The devil fish hasnt been worked on since it was done the last time I posted a pic of it, until I can get seom green stuff to fill in a few of the gaps its currently on the back burner

Now for a look at my two IG works in progress a tiddting up of my first Lemun russ and a re painting of my ksarkin.

The Lemun russ was the first thing I painted when I bought the first IG battle force. considering its the first tank I have painted I think it turned out alright however after finishing my Tau I looked back at some of my IG stuff and knew I could do better. The ksarkin more so then anything needed a repaint they looked way to bland so a green was of them later (Ksarkin not the tank) and it is time for round two,you can see in the pics the general direction I am going with them. The tank is going to get touched up maybe throw some more stuff from the tank bits sprue to livin it up a bit. So from here it will be IG until I can get my mits on another Tau battle force.


  1. Those extra little splashes of color makes a huge difference. Livens the whole thing up. And I especially like the turquoise and the gray. Nice stuff all around :)

    That IG tank makes me think of the white/blue/grey camo look. I think that the russians used it quite a bit. I personally think it looks pretty cool and if I would ever paint an IG army I think I might go for that russian camo look. With lots of tanks:)

  2. Heh well you where right that they needed something to make them stand out im kind of surprised it worked out as planned instead of them getting dropped in the green.

    Im thinking of splashing some commando khaki on there somewhere I seem to be doomed to use similar color schemes pheh as long as it works.

    I think that camo scheme is called siberian camo so that would make sense.Yeah IG have some mighty fancy tanks but every time i look at the number of basic infantry i need to do I want to assume the fetal position and cry. Ah well heh any way thanks for the comments.

  3. Spray paint them brown, give them some green and skin color, wash the whole figure in one of those, ehm, wash paints you buy that they intend for you to dip the whole mini into it. Finish with some drybrushed highlights + eyes and small stuff. Voila, quick basic dudes :)

    I still like the tanks. Tanks are cool :)