Friday, June 11, 2010

what i have been up too

Well It has been quite a while since ive last posted hasnt it? Well work and all the bussnies aside a couple of games came out that I just couldnt pull myself away from. but i have managed to put some painting time in. as you can sort of see i have added a little more detail to a few of my older units , breaking up the color scheme a little. I have also decided that there will be a "color heirarchy" in my IG army with grey being the color for "low ranked" units and blue being for commanders and the like. As for the demon on the bottom.....well its a damn cool looking model that I just had to paint. as of typing this i have some work done on him already however im still debating on the color scheme i want to use on him. ill post what i have done so far on him in the near future.Any way I applogize for the poor quality of the pics but i did them in between rounds of Lost planet 2 so I hope you enjoy

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